About Us

The plastic crisis is more urgent than predicted. In fact, plastic waste now starts to accumulate on beaches of inhabited islands around the globe. This waste disturbs the ecosystem and destroys the natural beauty of heavenly beaches like those in Indonesia. To address this problem, we came up with a unique and innovative solution.


Nomad Plastic is a new social enterprise, created to offer tourists boat tours across the islands of the area Sulawesi Island down to Komodo Island area. The aim is to provide tourists with an unforgettable experience while having a positive environmental and social impact on the area. They would travel on a wooden, sustainable boat and would experience a completely “plastic-free” week and dedicate a few hours a day picking up plastic waste from beaches with the local communities.


This would be coupled with a sensitization program, in order to raise awareness on environmental pollution and degradation in the local populations. A true exchange of knowledge between indigenous and foreigners is core to the project, so they can take over the plastic collection once the tourists are gone.


We aim to set up a local circular economy based around the collection, the sorting, and the processing of plastic feedstocks. Owing to the beach clean-ups, jobs will be created and local living conditions will therefore improve as we launch our operations.


















It is commonly said that the only real solution to the plastic pollution is to "close the tap" that is leaking it into our environment. While this solution requires large scale, cross sectors initiatives, Nomad Plastic is a smaller initiative that tackles the problem from its other end. Immense amounts of plastic are already present in the environment and will stay there forever. Thus the goal of Nomad Plastic is to clean up and preserve the coastal ecosystems by creating a sustainable circular economy and eradicate the plastic from the environment.

The team 


Pierre Rousseau 
Senior Strategic Advisor for Sustainability at BNP Paribas
Jean Michel Chalant
15 years of Experience as cruise director in Indonesia

Business Development Team 

Alex Rosay
Managing Director & 
Secretary of BoD 
Mathieu Njoo
 Civil and Sustainability Engineer
Ethel Berdugo
Marketing and Social Entrepreneurship  
François-Eliott Rousseau 
Team Manager and Electrical Engineer

Supervisory Board 

Craig Leeson 
Global Ambassador of Plastic Oceans Foundation  
Xavier Arnaudo 
Co-Founder of NuCap Sustainable Investment Solutions
Lisa Genasci
CEO of ADM Capital Foundation
Vincent Kientz 
Founder and Partner of ENEA Consulting 
Robert Barker
Head of Sustainability BNP Paribas APAC 


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