We, at Nomad Plastic, aim to tackle plastic pollution.

We are an multi-purpose sustainable operative in Indonesia that has a positive impact on the environment and communities living in remote islands. 

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Our Projects

Eco-Tourism Company Supporting our Charities


Awareness and Educational Programs

Non-for-Profit Plastic Operations

Searching Low Tech Solutions to Plastic Pollution

Our Goals 

Create Educational and Awareness programs for schools

Offer Sustainable Cruises in the Indonesian Archipelago

Develop a Circular Economy using waste on remote islands

Education and Awareness

Starting in Hong Kong in September 2019, we develop programs targeted at teenagers attending local schools that will teach and emphasize on the importance of sustainability. This courses will be a direct addition to the students' curriculum, making Sustainability a core subject in their education. Discussions will evolve around the causes, consequences and potential solutions to ocean pollution. This program is supported by data scientists and sustainability experts, such as Tara Expeditions and Plastic Ocean.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our program.

Eco-Cruises & Waste Management

Indonesia, guarding the world's richest ecosystem, attracts more and more tourists each year.

As this number increases...


Discover remote and hidden heavenly islands of Indonesia in a very exclusive cruise tour while being part of a completely sustainable experience.

Participants will get to explore the hidden jewels of Komodo, Flores and Sulawesi aboard a remodeled traditional boat specifically built to access remote locations. During the week aboard the Nomad Plastic boats, participants will witness the most beautiful and natural ecosystem in the world, “the last paradise of earth”.


In addition to being a rich and rejuvenating experience, the journey incorporates a cultural and environmental dimension through the visits of local communities and beach clean-ups. Nomad Plastic will set up a collaboration with local villages to manage plastic waste. 

Tech Lab

While working with local villages to help them re-use and reduce plastic waste, Nomad Plastic will investigate on innovative low-technologies which can help tackle plastic pollution as a small scale. We want to use our operations as a platform to list available solutions which can be of help to anyone looking to transform their plastic waste. 

This concept is a work in progress. Visit our website regularly to stay informed on any changes.

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