The Experience

A breathtaking journey...


We wish to offer participants a unique touristic experience from start to finish. Groups of 8 to 10 people will travel on a traditional Indonesian fishing boat, specifically designed to access remote locations and travel through shallow waters. Participants will reside in a private cabin and a shared dormitory with bunk beds, each equipped with a cupboard, a reading light, and an electrical outlet. There will be two comfortable bathrooms along with two showers. In addition, a leisure area will be present at the front of the boat where tourists can sunbathe and relax on spacious sofas. The back of the boat will hold a BBQ and a kitchen area where fresh and local cuisine will be cooked daily by our onboard chef.



Throughout the week, tourists will enjoy the amazing scenery of the remote islands of Indonesia. We will introduce them to the concept of “slow tourism”. Despite having a proposed itinerary, tourists will get to decide how long they want to spend on a specific island, depending on the proposed activity and the exquisiteness of the landscape. We wish to create the most relaxing experience for our participants, especially after the morning beach cleaning.


                             Activities                                                                Services 























... Coupled with community engagement ... 


     Morning beach cleanups with the locals  


Nomad Plastic’s second core mission is to have a local, long-term impact on the environment and on communities. To do so, every morning of the trip, we will ask our clients to participate in beach cleanups, alongside the local population, for approximately 2 hours. We strongly value the importance of tourists being with the locals on the beach, as it creates trust between both parties, as well as a cultural exchange. 

















     Visit of local communities  


Tourists will also be taken on tours to visit the local islands and villages. By doing so, participants will discover the local culture, as well as how these small villages are organised around the village chief. A true and enriching cultural exchange will be set up, where tourists can witness the simple living conditions of these local communities, and how plastic waste might affect their lifestyle.

















     Plastic-free Journey 


During the entire week, tourists will get to experience a journey where single-use plastics are completely outed from the experience. Indeed, as part of our sensitisation campaign on single-use plastics, we want to show that a life without waste is achievable. Indeed, we will use our service offering as a platform to advertise products that are alternatives to single-use plastic. In order to promote these various alternatives to single-use plastic, we will bring sustainable products onboard, such as biodegradable soap, free of plastic packaging or reusable water bottles.


... to raise awareness about plastic pollution 


In order to have a long-term impact in the area, it will be necessary to raise awareness on the plastic pollution and environmental degradation in the local communities. Therefore, an awareness program will complement the plastic collection and treatment, that will be crafted to develop a sense of urgency on the issue, and create momentum for a behavioral change in the participants of the program. The awareness program will include workshops, seminars, activities and discussions around the theme of plastic pollution and its potential solutions, but also local development, health, and sanitation.

















Thanks to its valuable partnership with Plastic Oceans Foundation, a screening of the 20 minutes version, of the movie A Plastic Ocean, translated in Indonesian bahasa, will be part of the program. Through this awareness program, Nomad Plastic aspires to empower locals in developing the productive potential of their communities, and finding their own, locally-tailored solution to the plastic crisis through micro-businesses. By creating their own sustainable micro-businesses, local communities will be able to distance themselves off bad habits such as dynamite fishing, turtles hunting, and others, that severely harm the environment.

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 5 private double cabins

 Private bathrooms and showers

 Electrical outlets 

 5 trained crew members 

 Personal chef on board 

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