This is Indonesia

It secretly guards the richest ecosystems on the planet

Due to its beauty, it attracts more and more tourists every year

As this number increases...


Explore with purpose 

We, at Nomad Plastic, innovate tourism. We are an ecotourism business in Indonesia that has a positive impact on the environment and communities living in remote islands. 

Our Goals 

Reveal the unexplored sights of Indonesia

Restore the islands' natural charm

Raise Awareness about Plastic Pollution

What we offer

Discover remote and hidden heavenly islands of Indonesia in a very exclusive cruise tour while being part of a completely sustainable experience.

Participants will get to explore the hidden jewels of Komodo, Flores and Sulawesi aboard a remodeled traditional boat specifically built to access remote locations. During the week aboard the Nomad Plastic boats, participants will witness the most beautiful and natural ecosystem in the world, “the last paradise of earth”.


In addition to being a rich and rejuvenating experience, the journey incorporates a cultural and environmental dimension through the visits of local communities and beach clean-ups. The plastic waste will then be stored, sorted and sold by Nomad Plastic to a partner in Surabaya who will recycle it.

How we're structured

Nomad Plastic is responsible for operating

Eco-Tourism company


Non-for-Profit Plastic Operations

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