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Protect marine areas

Top protect marine areas

The Ocean,
Earth's life support

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The Ocean is an extraordinary source of life, from the air with breathe to the food we eat ... Indonesia itself has the highest coral reef fish diversity of the world, being a large part of the "Coral Triangle". Protecting the Ocean also means protecting our future, ourselves and the economy that relies on it. Overfishing and other non-sustainable practices are directly threatening our livelihoods. Let's have a long-term vision for our Ocean.

We support the development
of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)

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We engage directly in MPA projects to make them resilient in the long term. We are partnering up with Blue Finance, with an interesting model to manage and finance the MPAs by providing logistics support and sustainable local revenue models such as eco-tourism.

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We support the development
of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)

Mbuangmbuang, Indonesia (2021)

We support the development
of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)

We support the development
of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)

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Following the motto of Nomad Archipelago, we tend to observe the potential in every new place we visit. 

During our last visit in the Banggai islands here in collaboration with our friends from Tompotika foundation and Blue Finance, we assessed the potential for the creation of a large MPA. We shared our experience, assessed the situation in terms of plastic waste but also the potential for eco-cruises in this unspoilt gem of Central Sulawesi.

Stay tuned for this area and more to come!

We explore with purpose

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Beautiful top reef at Reef Merpati

From observation to action

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Through our travels, we contemplate the beauty of the reef but also notice damages from human activities. The result of heavy blast fishing is a disaster for the local biodiversity. This is a clear symbol of non-sustainable practices that need urgent alternatives. 

MPAs enable the protection of the ecosystem, beneficial for the local economic development and creating a virtuous activity.

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Heavy blast in Lesempuan island, Indonesia

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Pelelang island, Indonesia

Taking the time to understand

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Beyond traveling and observing, a lot of ideas and findings come from the local people, their testimonies, behaviours and needs. 

This is how we can make sure we make a positive impact the next time we visit and in the long run.

The link between marine conservation
and fight against plastic pollution

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The clear lack of waste management infrastructure implies open dumping, burning and plastic leakage in the environment and waterways. As a result, huge amounts of marine debris also end up in the ocean and get stuck in the reef. That's why we decided to have this dual approach wherever we go.


Floating plastics are only the tip of iceberg since most of the debris are sinking  (Kendari, Indonesia)


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