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Explore with purpose


Nomad Archipelago

A unique eco-cruise concept

Embark on an exclusive journey and get ready for discoveries and extraordinary experiences!
Groups of 8 to 10 people will get the opportunity to explore Indonesia off the beaten tracks:
sustainable tourism as you have never seen before ...
Soon available for booking!

Slow travel

Despite having a proposed itinerary, you will decide how long you want to spend on a specific island, depending on the proposed activity and the exquisiteness of the landscape.

Exquisite liveaboard

Get onboard the Nomad, 25-meter boat, built by local expert builders using fair trade plantation wood. Our 4 private en-suite cabins offer all the comfort needed for a stress-free and pleasurable stay.

Sustainable living

Enjoy the best indonesian local food in a zero-waste manner and at night, fall asleep to the sole music of waves gently crashing against the boat's wooden shaft as our appliances run on solar energy.





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Throughout the week, you will enjoy the amazing scenery of the remote islands of Indonesia. We wish to create the most relaxing experience for our participants, with a enriching immersion the the nature and the local culture. 



In additional to witnessing unique sights, we offer you an immersive experience owing to our various leisure activities. All our sporting equipment work in harmony with nature. They are noise-free, do not pollute nor disturb the environment we operate in, and are built with sustainable raw materials.


Most and foremost, we bring you to a stress-free environment. Come along and relax on our sunbathing platform while being rocked by peaceful waves and caressed by a mild ocean breeze. In the evening, admire the millions of bright dots on the black canvas of night


Your unique journey starts now!

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