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Our action

Explore with purpose

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We offer a unique concept of eco-cruises in remote and breathtaking areas of Indonesia. 

Explore. Enjoy. Relax.

Beyond exploring, we create intimate contacts with local communities and areas with a strong ecological heritage. We aim then at catalyzing action to protect the marine biodiversity and fight against plastic pollution.

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Fight against plastic pollution

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Natural ecosystems being increasingly threatened by plastic pollution in our areas of focus, we started to implement action plans from an upstream approach with education, awareness raising and waste reduction to downstream activities with waste collection and treatment. We also conduct research and offer advisory services for waste management project development.

Explore with purpose

Protect marine areas

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Protecting the ocean is more complex than simply cutting plastic leakage in waterways. Overfishing, massive tourism,  climate change are as many destructive effects. In areas with such a rich biodiversity,  the need for activities like sustainable fishing, aquaculture, eco-tourism and waste management is even higher. These can be integrated in Marine Protected Areas (MPA). 

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Willing to join the fight
or be involved?

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