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It is time

for action!

Words have been spoken and facts are clear about the urgency to act to end plastic pollution and regenerate nature. Following our Model to build holistic solutions within ecosystems, we divided our action into 4 complementary pillars to achieve efficiently our goal and sustain that positive change!


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Engaging community 
& collecting plastics
Transforming low-value plastics into fuel
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Building economic resilience
Supporting biodiversity regeneration


Awareness - Education - Collection program

Local long-lasting impact needs local engaged communities. That's why we focused from the very beginning in building a program to onboard villages in the fight against plastic pollution by providing awareness and workshops, education for kids and a waste collection program for these remote areas with local champions. We are looking to build on this first effort and team up and expand with more organisations. 


From plastic pollution to economic traction

After collecting plastics, a usual missing part is to find a viable treatment solution. After a long investigation and development, we built a specific program that bridge the gap between plastic pollution and economic development and resilience.

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Responsible businesses - Resilience

In order for this circular system to be complete, businesses have a role to play starting with giving an economic traction. Companies have a lot to win in joining the effort to end plastic pollution and restoring nature and lot to lose by continuing business as usual.

Explore with purpose


Protect & Restore Biodiversity - Financing

An healthy nature means healthy communities and businesses. Shifting our focus towards investing in what really matters on the long term is the only way forward.

Return on investment should not be the only parameter of success and return on the planet should take a more prominent role. There are many ways to act for nature. 

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Are you also in for action?
Choose your battle!

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