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the nomad story


A journey to end plastic pollution and restore biodiversity

nomad boat design

Project created in Hong Kong and exported to Indonesia in 2018.

Where it all started ...

When visiting a new place, the least we can do is to preserve it as we found it or contribute to make it better. With this philosophy in mind, we started to imagine how to make an impact in our own way. The head full of dreams, we imagined NOMAD, a boat with the mission of exploring with purpose, showing the value of our ecological heritage in remote world-class natural sites. We were also thinking of a concept of boat accessing remote villages, more intimate and breaking free from massive tourism and its downsides. The project we were dreaming of started becoming real with the engagement of our passionate team and the NOMAD design from Guillaume Chaussade, French naval architect.

Building the foundations

Noticing the plastic and nature crises across our initial journey, the purpose of the business became even more clear: build solutions to address these challenges with local communities. With the help of young and passionate engineering and business school graduates from McGill, Pierre and Jean-Michel designed Nomad Plastic. Quickly the team started to look at a first area to explore and share our vision with as well as applying our model. Not far from the Komodo Park and the main city of Labuan Bajo, we found an isolated coastal village named Rangko: this is where we settled and built our first base. This was the beginning of a challenging journey to start explaining our purpose to local communities.

boat construction
preparing for action

Preparing for action

With a local and global team, dedicated to community engagement, network creation, engineering, finance, we progressively came up with a holistic and integrated model, starting with local communities and connecting with a plastic waste management solution, business traction and nature. conservation. We spent years working in a few villages to understand how to apply this model and make it work as well as connecting with diverse partners and build our own expertise on plastic waste management and conservation.

Where it started

Building the foundations

Where it started

Now delivering impact

After now 4 years of operations in our first project with a network of villages in Flores, we are completing it in 2023 by integrating the plastic pyrolysis system with our partner GTM and connecting with our eco-cruise business Nomad Archipelago and nature conservation with Blue Finance.  We are also now growing our pipeline to replicate to other locations in Indonesia and beyond. We can't wait to explore other remote areas with high potential and threatened by plastic pollution and biodiversity loss.

We believe in the strength of collaboration and built a Community of Interest. Let's write the rest of the story together!

delivering impact

Let's write the rest
of the story together!

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