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Our vision

Valuing our ecological heritage

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Traveling in iconic world heritage sites, we had the chance to witness some stunning natural ecosystems from which communities can thrive. Our ecological heritage is our biggest asset. Protecting and valuing it, at our own level, can have indirect and direct benefits for our society and economy. Many of these ecosystems are highly fragile and threatened by human activity directly (blast fishing, shark finning etc) and indirectly (plastic pollution and climate change). Reconnecting with these ecosystems and restoring them is possible. It means offering sustainable alternatives to polluting or destructive methods, relying on local strengths, for and with local communities.

Our human and ecological heritages are irreplaceable: let's protect and value them!

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Nomad Plastic remains a purpose-driven team,  implementing sustainable marine projects from eco-tourism and low tech solutions to regenerate marine biodiversity, address plastic pollution. We share the same passion to develop sustainable activities for local communities in remote areas.

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When the experience of a diver, explorer and cruise director with 20 years of operations in Indonesia meets the expertise of a senior finance executive, serial entrepreneur and leader in innovative finance for sustainability, this is where Nomad Plastic starts ...

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