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Our partners

Joining forces to go further!

With a diversity of actions and scale of operations, we progressively teamed up with other organisations and built strong partnerships to help achieve our goals.

We are extending our network at the local and national level in Indonesia and Hong Kong but also worldwide.

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A global Community of Interest

A key factor of success for our expansion plan with the support of diverse partners

A group of organizations working together around decentralized plastic pyrolysis solutions

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Plastic Odyssey: our historical partner against plastic pollution

The fight against plastic pollution is a real challenge and none can address this alone. Plastic  Odyssey developed a strong technical experience regarding plastic recycling, especially adapted to the developing world.

The team has managed to create low-tech machines and solutions to treat and recycle plastics, from shredding, to washing and drying and all the way to moulding and even converting into fuel and energy (pyrolysis).

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With a proven semi-industrial plastic pyrolysis technology and first operations in Lombok, Indonesia, GTM is bringing a real tech edge to our model. Robust, efficient, easy to operate and maintain and affordable, this solution is ideal for remote coastal areas and islands.

End of 2022, Nomad Plastic invested into GTM to accelerate its development and build a joint program: Menjadi!

Blue Finance: a model to protect marine areas

Nomad Plastic with its main partner, Blue Finance is defining the necessary social and environmental changes needed to restore the marine biodiversity, mainly by setting Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). Nomad Plastic is providing to Blue Finance experts the following support:

-       Logistics such as transport by boats and basic engineering capabilities, occasional labour for dedicated projects;

-       Connections with the local communities and authorities.

Together, we aim at accelerating implementation of marine conservation projects.


Our local partners

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Our international partners

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Our research partners

If you are interested in our project, wish to collaborate or support us, we would love to hear from you.

Leave us a message directly.

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