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The Power to Change

A joint program co-developed by:

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top Fight against plastic pollution

In Bahasa Indonesia, Menjadi means 'change' but also 'make' or 'serve' translating our ambition to act for a transition for the best and with a clear plan and solution for it. Menjadi is born from the strategic alliance in Indonesia between Geo Trash Management (GTM) and Nomad Plastic (NP).

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A joint program for impact

 With complementary skills, GTM and Nomad Plastic joined forces in 2022. NP also invested into GTM to accelerate the development of GTM. Menjadi is now a strong program to build regenerative projects leveraging plastic pyrolysis in Indonesia.

NP brings its integrated business model, experience with communities, consulting and finance experience and its large network for business traction, financing.

GTM brings its deep expertise in plastic pyrolysis, its engineering skills and machines and ability to commission, operate and maintain pyrolysis facilities.

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We are addressing the plastic and biodiversity crises while providing access to energy in Indonesia
Menjadi: a strong vehicle to build a network of decentralized pyrolysis units across Indonesia with an integrated impact and business model
A unique regenerative model leveraging pyrolysis

1. We engage and empower communities to raise awareness and build a viable waste collection system with incentives.

2. Building plastic pyrolysis facilities to end plastic pollution & restore natural ecosystems in the most threatened and rich biodiversity hotspots

3. We create business traction: activities can become more resilient while doing the sustainability shift, by participating in protecting their ecosystem

4. We allocate revenues to protect and restore nature (marine protected areas, mangroves etc) to preserve the environment and capture carbon.

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Pilot pyrolysis
by GTM in Lombok

Since 2019, GTM has developed a pyrolysis system able to transform plastic waste into fuel at an industrial scale in Lombok.


This has led to a collaboration with the CSIRO for R&D that is ongoing to improve the process and the quality of the final fuel products.

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Flagship project in Labuan Bajo

As a growing tourism hub, Labuan Bajo and the Komodo park area are threatened by plastic pollution and biodiversity loss while liveaboards and resorts are thriving and popping up everywhere. 

With the rising fuel cost and impact of pollution on attractiveness, the business case for our solution fits perfectly and so do many locations in Indonesia and beyond! Here the fuel produced from plastics will be used mainly by Nomad Archipelago's cruising boats whose profit will be allocated to Marine Protected Areas with Blue Finance.

The completion of the project is estimated at the end of 2023 for a total of 200 tonnes of low-value plastic waste transformation into 130,000 L of fuel (diesel, gasoline mainly) yearly, 15+ direct jobs and 50+ collectors. 

A collaborative and integrated model in the local ecosystem
to protect the biodiversity and empower communities
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Andrew Sinclair

Co-lead Menjadi

Founder @GTM

Jean-Baptiste Grassin

Co-lead Menjadi

MD@Nomad Plastic

Pierre Rousseau

Senior Advisor - Finance

Co-founder @Nomad Plastic

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Katarina Persson

Senior Advisor - Marketing

Commissionaire @GTM

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