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We are project builders
& consultants

Nomad Plastic is above all a purpose-driven company and positioned as an engineering consultancy business. 

Our strength lies in our passion for the cause and our ability to build resilient models and bring complex projects together. We surrounded ourselves with strong partners and experts in all of our areas of actions: plastic recycling, engineering, biodiversity conservation, business model & impact measurement, finance for sustainability.

Build a 'Nomad Project' with us!
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Become a key player of the regeneration revolution
End-to-end project development

Organize a community engagement and waste collection program on site


Study and integrate a plastic waste transformation into fuel on site (with our partners)


Organize the fuel offtake and economic traction with local businesses and communities


Coordinate the support of selected local nature conservation and restoration projects

Request an expertise on plastic waste management solutions

Assess the plastic waste situation in your location and give recommendations (Pre-feasibility study & Feasibility study)


Find the most adapted plastic waste management solution for your problem;


Provide a technical assistance;


Build or support on the Business Model, integrate a plastic credit methodology;


Measure the impact (social, environmental, and economic).

A track record in several countries across Asia and Africa

“When you look at the plastic pollution or biodiversity loss crises, the solution won’t come from waste management or conservation alone but by creating a model that encompasses both and more because they are connected and bound with the local ecosystem including local communities and businesses. This is why we created a collaborative model with Nomad Plastic. Because no nature = no livelihoods = no businesses, organizations of tomorrow invest in nature”, Jean-Baptiste Grassin, Managing Director.

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Studies in Africa through Plastic Odyssey (Guinea, Togo, Djibouti, Cape Verde etc)

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Studies in Asia (Hong Kong, Indonesia,

The Philippines etc)

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Studies for replication in other countries and linking waste management & nature conservation (e.g. The Philippines)

Our unique approach and expertise 
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You want to know more about our projects?

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You want to chat with us about your needs?

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