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A frightening fact highlighting urgent needs for education

The story of the week. This picture has been taken by Jean-Michel, my friend and co-founder of Nomad Plastic along the road to our warehouse in Rangko, Flores Island. It is just after a meeting organized by local politicians where they did offer lunch to attract attendees. There is plastic trash along more than 1 kilometer. This is just insane!

However, the more interesting point on this photo, is the lady from the local community; she is carrying a traditional basket, locally handicraft made, with natural resources.

At Nomad Plastic , we strongly believe in renewing the interest of the local handicraft as one of the most efficient way to fight plastic pollution as well keeping the cultural heritage in the remote island of the Indonesian Archipelago. This is why we did aim to build these handicrafted bags in our warehouse and train the young people to make them.



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