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Nomad Plastic awarded by L'Occitane Group and Plastic Odyssey at Olympia hall, Paris

Updated: Jan 18

It was a great honor to have Jean-Baptiste Grassin get on stage and represent Nomad Plastic team at the iconic #Olympia hall in Paris and to receive this prize from L’OCCITANE Group, historical partner from Plastic Odyssey, for our joint action on plastic pollution and biodiversity loss.

As Nomad Plastic, alongside Plastic Odyssey, we are convinced that these collaborations are an excellent way to boost the partnership further in #Asia by supporting Nomad Plastic’s first project in Indonesia. The project will address the plastic and biodiversity crises at once with a model already labeled by the Solar Impulse Foundation.

Thank you so much for your trust and support and we can’t wait to be implementing these projects together!

This award goes to the whole team: Pierre CG ROUSSEAU, Jean-Michel, Dénis, Afa Afa, Pertiwi and other local supports and partners.

Special thanks to the PO team for organizing this very special event celebrating a successful year of world expedition. The best is yet to come!



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