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Nomad Plastic at the SEADS 2023 by ADB

Bali - March 31st, 2023 - It's a bright day for the Southeast Asia Development Symposium organized by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The title: "Imagining a Net-Zero ASEAN".

As Nomad Plastic, we had the honor to participate and to be speaking on a panel entitled "Eco-tourism 2.0: Navigating the transition to Net Zero". A great opportunity for us to explain where we come from originally with the eco-cruise business in Indonesia and how we happened to create a Model to build regenerative projects leveraging plastic pyrolysis. An approach that applies to the tourism industry of course but also many other other business cases of thee blue economy mainly that we describe under our Nomad Economy program:

With many interesting meetups, we are filled with joy seeing the strength of the network to address these sustainability challenges and confident that we can achieve these ambitious goals but we still need to allocate more resources especially financially to make this transition happen, push more decentralized models, especially in endangered and remote areas.



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